Welcome to my pages. In here will be images I've created using the 3d rendering program from e-on software called Vue d'Esprit. The version I am currently using is Vue5I. I am also using another program called Poser 6. I also have some free textures, some of my own and some for Poser, all free for personal use only. Please feel free to browse the images, but please do not download, save or in anyway take my images without contacting me first.

Enjoy the Vue.

Also check out this site for more pictures
3d Art by Chris

For Spooky. 23rd Dec 2007. Goodbye puppy

For Dan Churchward (June 21st 1983-June 14th 2004)
We will not forget you. We miss you.


Vue Pix

Fairy Glen
Light rays through window
Sailing off the edge of the world
Sunshine & Shadow
In the glade
The Lookout

Free Textures

This is the place to buy some fantastic Poser models! Free weekly model available too. A real must for any serious Poser fan.

Visit these Vue people, they're amazing!

And of course you'll need textures. More amazing people!

Also, please visit

go to Renderosity.com Renderosity Web Ring
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This place is a must! There are forums and galleries to indulge the most hardened viewer. Go on! Have a peek, and join in the fun!